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Great Guard Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, and was engaged in research and development and the manufacture enterprise specially the automobile burglary protection system. We not only produce superior quality products at competitive prices, but also develop and manufacture innovative products by using new technology to create the new market. The main product is Great Guard G-367 car security system.

G-367 won the patented right in many countries all over the world. It has passed the severe test through Industry Technology and Research Institute (ITRI) and proved of its excellent characteristic. It has won also CE and TUV... approvals. During it was available in market for the passed 23 years, it has been installed for at least 200,000 sets for BMW, Mercedes Benz and other cars. It can be installed in any type of cars.

The Characteristic of G-367RA:
‧Superb protection. (an ACTIVE ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM)
‧A patented precision mechanical valve, hydraulic wheel locking system. (it is unable to be driven away even if the engine is started or car keys been copied)
‧No power consumption during alert state. (to ensure the life of car battery)
‧No noise pollution. (to comply with the environmental protection regulation)
‧4-digit personalized code. (owner replaceable, key is not afraid to be copied when valet)
‧Operation buttons. (when IR remote controller is out of battery, operation button is available to unlock the system)
‧Independent control system. (without connected to any primitive car circuit to ensure driving safety)
‧Low battery detection. (when the voltage of the battery lower than 10.5V, immediately sound warning)

Because of the perfect design of Great Guard G-367RA and its safety, effective anti-theft functions, it won
‧2014 Taipei AMPA Innivation Silver Medal Award
‧2013 Taipei International Invention Golden Medal Award
‧Consumer Golden Medal Award
‧Germany Invention Award
‧The First Brand Award of Taiwan
‧Asia-Pacific Outstanding Award
‧Research and invention award from President of R.O.C.
‧Invention Achievement Award
‧Golden Invention Award of Taiwan

All staff in Great Guard Industry Co.,Ltd. works in consistently of our operational belief, “Research Innovation, Best Quality, Excellent Technology, Friendly services,” to provide the best quality product and after services. It is highly appreciated of your support and recommendations.

Words from the chairman

Seeing the ineffectiveness of vehicular burglarproof devices as steering wheel locks, gear-shift locks, chip locks, and GSM/GPS trackers, we have developed the Great Guard G-367, guaranteed to stop break-ins. Combining precision mechanical valves, digital computer and 4-digit code identification system to control engine, Great Guard G-367 operates speed-reducing driver, controls hydraulic valves, and successfully locks wheels for the ultimate burglarproof protection. Without changing OEM equipment, the wheel-locking pressure is brake driven. The digital computer stores programmed codes permanently without using battery power.

The Great Guard G-367 is patented worldwide, including Germany, USA, China and Taiwan. Besides being ITRI-tested for excellent burglarproof performance, the device is also CE and TÜV-approved. In Taiwan, Great Guard G-367 is widely popular and equipped on 100,000 Mercedes and BMW, as well as spreading solid reputation in Southeast Asia, Europe and USA.

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